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The Teleforum meets at least annually, with separate workshops organised around topical matters.

Upcoming events


Teleforum XXVI event will be held in Luxembourg on 17 and 18 May 2018 and will be preceded by a workshop on 16 May 2018.

Previous events


Teleforum XXV event was held in Iceland on 18 and 19 May 2017 and was preceded by a workshop on 17 May 2017.

The 2017 event was sponsored by:

Past events

Teleforum meetings:

XXV   Iceland  May 2017

XXIV   Cyprus  May 2016

XXIII   Jersey  May 2015

XXII   Gibraltar  May 2014

XXI  Faroe Islands May 2013

XX Monaco March 2012

XIX Luxembourg March 2011

XVIII San Marino March 2010

XVII Aland Islands June 2009

XV I Andorra September 2008

XV Isle of Man November 2007

XIV Jersey May 2007

XIII Luxembourg October 2006

XII Gibraltar June 2006

XI Liechtenstein October 2005

X Faroe Islands June 2005

IX Cape Verde November 2004

VIII Monaco June 2004

VII Republic of Srpska November 2003

VI Cyprus May 2003

V Andorra November 2002

IV Iceland June 2002

III San Marino October 2001

II Malta May 2001

I London September 2000


Gibraltar 2014 Expanding the life of fixed networks; revenue growth & optimisation; and strategy & transformation

Faroe Islands 2013 Vendor consolidation; LTE; and FTTH strategies

Netherlands 2013 LTE planning and deployment

Monaco 2012 OTT; Migration to VoIP; and data pricing

Luxembourg 2011 Knowledge sharing; collective purchasing; and regulation

London 2010 Benchmarking follow up

London 2009 Benchmarking

Denmark 2005 Voice over IP (VoIP)

Amsterdam 2004 Radio networks

Luxembourg 2004 EU regulation

Finland 2004 Radio networks

Aland Islands 2003 Billing functions

Monaco 2002 Broadband services

Isle of Man 2002 Value added services